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5th December 2013: Josh Phelps

Josh completed his training course with us today, successfully passed his flight test and was awarded his Helicopter Pilot Licence! Congratulations!

Josh Phelps

23rd October 2013: John Milliken

John Milliken was back this week to do a R22 endorsement after completing his CPL(H) with us back in June 2013.

John & Woody

16th October 2013: Michael Wills and his new Cicare!

M Wills Cicare

Today Michael completed his Robinson R22 endorsement with us and this was the 2nd stage of converting his fixed wing licence to a helicopter licence.

Michael & Woody

Michael’s initial training and licence testing was in our Bell 47 and this has set him up well to transition through an endorsement on a Robinson R22 on his way to be able to take his Cicare CH-78 home to Barcaldine, Queensland. We have enjoyed having him around the flight school, but as he continues to remind us, it’s time for him to go home! Good luck in your future flying activities, and don’t forget to give us a call when you are ready to progress to the next rating (maybe a Bell 429 rating??).

B47, R22, Cicare

2nd October 2013: Bell 47 Wasp

Bell 47 Wasp

The guys in the Airwork Helicopters Service Centre at Caboolture Airfield have recently completed an interesting project. It was a 1200 hourly inspection and refurbishment on the extremely versatile and unique Texas Helicopter Corporation OH-13H/M74L (aka a Bell 47 Wasp!) for a customer. This single seater helicopter is used for Ag spraying in North Queensland.


26th September 2013: Sam Leahy

Sam Leahy

Today Sam completed his training course with us, successfully passed his flight test and was awarded his Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence.

Sam commented that the training was fantastic and that he was told from the start to be aware that it needs to be fun but also to take it seriously.

It took Sam just 2½ months to complete the flight training and he tells us that “it’s not handed to you – you need to work for it”.

We wish Sam all the best in the industry as he starts his journey into the commercial reality of the helicopter business.

Sam Leahy & Paul Woodroffe