Helicopter Careers

At Airwork Helicopters, we like to do everything we can to ensure that our student pilots are in the best possible position for obtaining employment after completion of their commercial pilot’s licence. As a result, many of our pilots are successful in advancing their helicopter careers within the industry. Have a read of our past students stories to see for yourself.

Our instructors have a wealth of experience in a wide range of helicopter careers plus we also conduct aerial spraying, charter and engineering, so you will gain great expose to help prepare you for your career in helicopters.

The aviation industry is an exciting and dynamic environment within which to work and one that is capable of providing a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Within Australia there is a particularly diverse range of helicopter operations including:

  • Aerial mustering
  • Aerial photography
  • Scenic flying and tourism
  • Powerline surveys
  • Corporate flying
  • General charter
  • Agricultural crop spraying
  • Helicopter Search and Rescue
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
  • Bushfire fighting
  • Media/news & traffic reporting
  • Flight instruction
  • Filming
  • Marine pilot transfers
  • Police air work
  • Offshore oil & gas industry