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Getting Started: The TIF

A TIF is the ‘Trial Instructional Flight’

In a TIF you receive half an hour instruction on the ground then a half hour in flight.

On the ground, the instructor will cover some basic flight theory, the effects of the helicopter controls and safety precautions.

Then you take to the air with your hands on the controls for the whole flight. After take-off, the instructor will run through the controls (cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals) one at a time and have you focus on each one. You will practice holding a steady heading and a constant altitude. You will do turns and a few other manoeuvres.

You fly most of the approach to return to the airport and depending on how you are going, have a go at hovering.

It’s comprehensive and it’s an excellent way to see if flying helicopters is for you.

The cost is $320 including GST. That’s basically the charge rate for the helicopter for the half hour’s flying, the theory part is not charged.