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By now, you will be wondering how much it will cost you to learn to fly. It’s not cheap! It’s a major investment, whether for pleasure or an investment in a career.

For specific details and costs, please phone or email us and we will send you a copy of our brochure.

Other costs:

  • Operational documents
  • Medical examination
  • Theory training kit for self-study
  • Flight test fee
  • CASA licence fee
  • ASIC card
  • Exam fees

Note: That not all students attain their licence in the minimum hours, particularly if you spread your training over an extended period of time.

If you intend training full time then you should also budget for the fact that you will probably not be earning a living during your training, plus the cost of accommodation if you don’t presently live in Brisbane or near Caboolture.

Please talk to us about your situation, so that we can advise you the best way for you to do your training.

We offer training in:

  • Bell 47
  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Bell Kiowa
  • Bell 206

Hourly rates for our helicopters vary depending on the type of helicopter you choose to train in. For our current hourly rates, please contact our friendly staff.

Please note that commercial licence training is GST exempt.